Get Real Gwyneth!

by LindsayHill


gwyneth-paltrow-its-all-good-cookbookIs it just me or is there another round of fad diet fanaticism raging across the country just about now? I find this especially upsetting after the recent news about the Mediterranean diet being proven once again to be the best diet in a large-scale Spanish study. The best diet for health and weight maintenance is, without question, the Mediterranean diet or any diet similar to it that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fat but allows good fat in the form of healthy oils, fish, nuts and seeds, and low in processed food, flour and added sugar. The problem we face is not a lack of good information; it is the abundance of bad information we are bombarded with by a) the food industry so it can make heaps of money at the expense of our health and b) people with narrow agendas trying to make money at the expense of your common sense.

Early this year a book called The Plan arrived in bookstores, appeared on Dr. Oz and was advertised in the New York Times. According to the author “it’s hard to believe, but cookies and nachos are not the problem.”  Ms. Lyn-Genet Recitas goes on to explain that because “every person’s chemistry is unique” it is more likely that “supposedly healthy foods like oatmeal, salmon, turkey, beans and Greek yogurt” are what is making you fat (seriously, I am quoting the introduction).

Interesting. I’m fairly certain the opposite was true for me (and everyone I went to college with who traded cookies and nachos for salmon and Greek yogurt). But not surprisingly, this book has received good media coverage because the media, and most consumers, love a gimmick. Can’t you just hear a chorus of men screaming with glee, “I can eat nachos and I don’t have to eat fish, sign me up!”

Another popular diet getting good coverage at the moment is the Fast Diet, which encourages you to eat just 500 calories a day for two days out of the week and your normal diet the other 5 days, and guess what, it really works! Yes, if you cut about 3000 calories a week from your diet you will lose weight, but you can do that in many more sensible ways that don’t require you to be gagged and house bound for two days of the week.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s book It’s All Good hits the shelves this week. I won’t delve into the level of snark I have seen on some blogs post and news articles, but suffice it to say this book will give birth to a whole new legion of GP haters. In her gorgeously photographed book, the actress suggests an elimination diet so strict you can’t even eat eggplant or certain types of fish (and forget about alcohol, coffee, flour, salt, sugar, soy, meat, etcetera). This diet truly is for the birds (or bird eaters at least). I actually do appreciate GP’s honesty about how hard she works to keep her body red carpet ready. Even if she can be dense about others’ ability to afford her lifestyle, her candidness is refreshing in the face of celebrities who claim they lose sixty pounds of baby weight in six weeks by breastfeeding alone or deny having any work done despite looking younger than they did ten years ago. However, I can’t help but wonder why anyone who isn’t paid so well to stay so thin would need or want to give up eggs, lean meat, dark chocolate, red wine and other things we know to be healthy in moderation.

With one diet book knocking salmon and another deeming it one of approximately five foods you can eat, consumers are again being misled by people with narrow agendas who believe their experiences can apply to everyone. It’s simply not true. Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one diet can’t fit all. This is why The Get Real Diet offers an integrated weight loss and maintenance plan that every reader can customize and individualize as he or she sees fit. Part of me fears my message will be lost in the shuffle between the gimmicks and the celebrity, but I know that what people really need is common sense and time-tested advice for losing weight and looking and feeling their best. Isn’t it time you casted gimmicks and impossible goals aside and got real? Stay tuned on this website and for the release date!


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